26 January-Thomas Charles Wright

Thomas Charles Wright was a native of Drogheda, Co Louth, Ireland. He was the founder of the Ecuadorian naval school and was an officer in Simón Bolívar’s South American army. Wright was also the founder and first commander-in-chief of the Ecuadorian navy. It is reported that a monument to Wright will be unveiled in Drogheda in 2018.

Thomas Charles Wright was born in Queensboro, Drogheda, Co Louth in 1799. At the age of eleven he began training at the naval college in Portsmouth, England. He later served in the British navy during the 1812 war with the United States. He returned to Drogheda in 1817 and decided to join the army of Simon Bolivar who at the time was fighting to free South America from Spanish rule.

Wright served with distinction in Bolivar’s army and was appointed Commodore of the Pacific squadron. Spanish rule ended in 1826 and Wright played a major role in establishing the Republic of Ecuador. He settled in the port city of Guayaquil in 1826 where he founded the Ecuadorian naval school. Wright died in Guayaquil on December 10th 1835. The naval school which he founded continues to function to this day.

Thomas Charles Wright, founder of the Ecuadorian naval school and an officer in Simón Bolívar’s South American army, was born Drogheda, Co Louth in the year 1799 On This Day.



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