18 March-Sheela’s Day

Today is Sheela’s Day. In the Celtic calendar, Sheela’s Day was celebrated the day after St Patrick’s Day. It was annual festival held in ancient times. The festival was to honour what is thought to be the fertility goddess known as Sheela-na-gigh or Sheela-na-gig.

A Sheela-na-gig is a stone carving of a naked woman clasping her vulva. The greatest number of Sheela-na-gigs are found in Ireland. They were, at one time widespread on churches and castles and were usually positioned over doors or windows. They are also found in Great Britain, France and Spain. The largest collection of Sheela-na-gigs in the world are in the National Museum of Ireland.

Sheela’s Day is celebrated every year On This Day.

Bunratty Sheela-na-gig

St Mary and St David Church, Kilpeck, Herefordshire




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