20 March-Brendan Behan

Brendan Behan was a native of Dublin, Ireland. He was an author of poems, short stories, novels and plays. He was also involved in republican activities for which he served time in prison. His writing is noted for its satire and political commentary.

Brendan Behan was born Brendan Francis Aidan Behan at Holles Street Hospital on February 9th 1923. His family was staunchly republican. At the age of 13 Behan left school to work as painter with his father. By then he was drinking alcohol which led to him being an alcoholic all his life.

During his lifetime Behan was imprisoned in England for his republican activities. Shortly after his return to Ireland in 1942 he was convicted of the attempted murder of a policeman. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison, during which time he studied the Irish language. He left the republican movement in 1947.

In 1948 Behan moved to Paris to concentrate on his writing. During his career he produced a large volume of work. His most famous works include ‘The Quare Fellow’, ‘The Hostage’ and ‘Borstal Boy’. His plays were staged in Dublin, London and New York.

Brendan Behan, author of poems, short stories, novels and plays died at the age of 41 in the year 1964 On This Day.

Brendan Behan

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