23 March-Fianna Fáil

Fianna Fáil is a political party in Ireland. It was founded by Éamon de Valera in 1926. de Valera and his supporters split form Sinn Féin in 1926 over the issue of abstaining from taking their seats in parliament. Fianna Fáil contested the General Election of 1927 and subsequently entered Dáil Eireann. The party has played a major role in Irish politics since its foundation.

The Anglo-Irish Treaty established Ireland as a self-governing Free State. The Treaty was ratified by Dáil Eireann by 64 votes to 57 by in January 1922. When those opposed to the Treaty lost the vote, they walked out of parliament led by Éamon de Valera. They began a campaign of violent opposition to the Treaty and Civil War ensued. The civil war ended in victory for the supporters of the Treaty on May 24th 1923.

From 1923 Éamon de Valera continued to serve as President of Sinn Féin. When a motion to end abstention from parliament in 1926 failed, he decided to form a new political party. The new party was given the name Fianna Fáil on April 2nd 1926. Fianna Fáil contested the General Election in June 1927 and gained 26% of the vote. On March 9th 1932, Fianna Fáil entered government for the first time. Since then it has been in government more than any other party.

Fianna Fáil, a political party in Ireland, was founded by Éamon de Valera in the year 1926 On This Day.

President Éamon de Valera with his ADC and Donie Nolan of Carlow

Courtesy Donie Nolan Facebook

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