11 April-St Mogue

Clonmore is a village located in the north-east of Co Carlow, Ireland. It has a population of around 400. The village is named after St Mogue ( Naomh Maodh├│g). He built a monastery and founded a religious community in the area in the early part of the sixth century.

St Mogue was descended from Dunlang who, at the end of the third century, was King of Leinster. St Mogue established a religious community in Clonmore around the year 530 AD. Known for working many miracles during his lifetime St Mogue worked to promote peace amongst the Irish Chieftains of the time.

The Feast Day of St Mogue, Abbot (in the 6th century) of Clonmore, Co Carlow, Ireland is celebrated every year On This Day.

Image from page 272 of “Lives of the Irish saints : with special festivals, and the commemorations of holy persons, compiled from calendars, martyrologies and various sources, relating to the ancient Church history of Ireland” (1875)


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