16 September-Ronnie Drew

Ronnie Drew was a singer and guitarist who was a native of Dublin. Founder of the successful Irish Folk band, ‘The Dubliners’, he achieved international fame during his career. Famous for his gravelly voice, Drew was honoured in 2006 with his handprints in the walk of fame at Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre.

Ronnie Drew was born Joseph Ronald Drew in Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin in 1934. Following education at the local Christian Brothers School he worked at various jobs before moving to Spain in the 1950’s to teach English. Drew returned to Dublin where he founded the Ronnie Drew Group in 1962. The group would later become ‘The Dubliners’.

During a career which spanned over fifty years Ronnie Drew had international hits with songs such as ‘Seven Drunken Nights’ and ‘The Irish Rover’. He left ‘The Dubliners’ for two periods during which time he pursued a successful solo career. He recorded with other artists and performed in a number of ‘one-man shows’. He died aged 73 in August 2003.

Ronnie Drew, singer, folk musician and founder of ‘The Dubliners’ was born in the year 1934 On This Day.

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