09 November-Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas was a poet and writer who was a native of Wales. He is famous for such works as ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ and ‘Under Milkwood’. Dylan, who became a very popular poet during his lifetime, died in 1953 at the age of 39.

Dylan Marlais Thomas was born in Swansea, Wales on October 27th 1914. He left school at sixteen in 1931 to become a journalist. He left his job in 1932 to concentrate on writing poetry. He had his first literary success with ‘Light breaks where no sun shines’ in 1934. Thomas lived in London for a period of time, where he met and married Caitlin Macnamara. He spent the summer of 1935 in Donegal before returning to settle in Wales.

Dylan Thomas, poet and writer who was a native of Wales died in New York City in the year 1953 On This Day.

Dylan Thomas

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