03 November-Stroan Fountain Co Kilkenny

Stroan Fountain is located near Kilfane Church about 5km from Thomastown Co Kilkenny, Ireland. The fountain was built by Colonel Bush of Kilfane House in 1766. He built it to provide access to water for the people of Kilfane House Estate. A panel on the fountain is inscribed: ‘Erected by subscription by permission of the landlord Gervase Bushe. Designed and arranged by Thomas Seigne’.

Stroan Fountain is an attractive feature. It is constructed of Kilkenny limestone and is cylindrical in shape. Lack of maintenance over a long period had led to deterioration of the structure. Restoration has recently been carried out on the fountain. The restoration, which began in 2009, was carried out by The Follies Trust and Kilkenny County Council.

The restoration work was completed in 2010. A lecture to mark the successful conclusion of the conservation work on Stroan Fountain was given by Right Reverend Michael Burrows Bishop of Cashel and Ossory.

The lecture by Bishop Burrows about the Stroan Fountain in Co Kilkenny  was given at the Heritage Council Offices in Kilkenny in the year 2010 On This Day.

Representative view of fountain.

Stroan Fountain, Kilfane, County Kilkenny.

Department of Arts, Heritage and
the Gaeltacht.

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