28 October-Gulliver’s Travels

Gulliver’s Travels was written by the Irish author and clergyman, Jonathan Swift. A classic of English literature, it is a satirical novel divided into four parts. Published in 1726, Gulliver’s Travels is Swift’s best known work.

Jonathan Swift was Dean of St Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin from 1713 to 1745. He was the author of several works including ‘A Tale of a Tub’, ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ and ‘A Modest Proposal’. His publications were written under pseudonyms or anonymously.

Gulliver’s Travels relates, in four parts, the travels of Lemuel Gulliver. He is a surgeon and sea captain who visits remote areas of the world. In the first part Gulliver is shipwrecked on the Island of Lilliput. The inhabitants of the island are six inches tall. He then goes on to visit Brobdingnag, the flying island of Laputa and finally the land of the Houyhnhnms.

Gulliver’s Travels, which was written by the Irish author and clergyman Dean Jonathan Swift, was published in the year 1726 On This Day.

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