03 November-Kilkenny City Library

Kilkenny City Library is located on John’s Quay, Kilkenny city, Ireland. The library was built with the help of a grant of £2,100 from philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. The grant was awarded in 1908. It is one of over 2,500 ‘Carnegie’ libraries established with the aid of Carnegie grants in the United States, Britain, Canada, Ireland and other English-speaking countries.

The foundation stone was laid in 1908. When construction was completed in 1910 the library was handed over to Kilkenny Corporation. Membership of the library was free to residents of Kilkenny City. Lady Desart performed the opening ceremony using a silver key supplied by Kilkenny jeweller P.T. Murphy

Kilkenny City Library, Kilkenny, Ireland which was established with the aid of a Carnegie grant, was officially opened in the year 1910 On This Day.

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